EasyPMS is a cloud and web-based hotel property management system
What is EasyPMS ?

Cloud PMS , Web PMS, Hotel management system

EasyPMS is the easiest Cloud PMS Solution

All daily PMS operations such as Reservations, Check -In, Check-Out, Folio, Billing , Front Cash, HouseKeeping, Accounting and Night Auditing are done in the most efficient way.

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Booking Engine

EasyPMS provides comission free reservations from your website. Booking page can be easily designed to suit website theme and colors.

Payment Processing

EasyPMS can get online payments from credit and debit cards. EasyPMS also works with most of the payment systems such as Paypal, WePay or Stripe. EasyPMS has PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification for payment cards processing.

Channel Manager

EasyPMS can connect to all main OTA's (Booking, Expedia, HotelBeds, HotelsPro etc) and metasearch engines (Trivago, TripAdvisor). EasyPMS provides two way connections : sends availability and price information and receives reservations.


Central Reservation System provides a complete marketing and sales solutions for group hotels. It lowers marketing costs and increases effiency in sales.     

Rate Manager

EasyPMS evaluates all competitor rates and availabilities and determines the best rate for each day. EasyPMS Ratemanager do not only maximize the sales but also the profit.

Hotel information management system Mobile Pos, PMS Mobile POS

Mobile POS

Restaurant and Bar point of sales sytem automizes order taking and organizes kitchen work plan. EasyPOS also enables waiters use mobile pos systems.

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Interactive CRM

EasyPMS accumualtes CRM data and uses it to increase guest satisfaction and loyalty in the most effienct way. Interactive CRM let hotel guests log into their profiles and earn and spend points, determine preferences and so on.

Guest Mobile App

Hotel guests can download EasyPMS Guest mobile application from Iphone or Android market and manage all operation from phone. Hotel guests can manage online reservations, do online check-in, complete surveys, determine preferences, give orders to restaurant or bars.

Hotel Kiosk

Guest interactive operations such as online checkin, quick checkout, restaurant or spa reservations or event reservations can be done through kiosks .

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Hotel Kiosk, PMS,Cloud PMS Hotel Kiosk

Smart ID Reader

Read guest ID card or passport through a scanner or webcam then make OCR and transfer all ID info to guest card automaticaly. Ideal for fast and easy checkin. Saves a digital copy of ID in guest card and stop paper and toner waste for photocopy.

SMS and EMail Sender

Automate SMS and Mail sending with any actions such as reservation, checkin, checkout. EasyPMS sender can be used for sending email and messages to both guests and authorized personnel.

Why EasyPMS ?

Easy Use

EasyPMS is very easy to learn and use.

All In One

EasyPMS is a complete hotel management solution.

Low Cost

EasyPMS is a cloud system in SaaS model.

Award Winning Technology
EasyPMS uses the latest programming technology .

20+ Years Experience

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+Annual Bookings