Why EasyPMS?

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Why EasyPMS?

All-In-One Solution

EasyPMS is the most comprehensive cloud hotel management software on the market; it is a full PMS including booking engine, channel manager, rate manager, POS, and other additional modules. It has all the features and functions your hotel may need.

Cloud and Web-Based

EasyPMS is hosted by Microsoft Azure  and can be used by any web browser therefore it is accessible from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world. Compared to on-premise systems, it is much more efficient due to its on-the-go accessibility.

Latest Technology

EasyPMS uses the latest technology (Google’s Angular Framework, Reactive Web Programing, and NodeJS) that is why it is extremely fast, efficient, and compatible with all devices and browsers.

Cost Effective & High ROI

EasyPMS has cloud hosting and SaaS license therefore it does not need any server, expensive licenses nor any maintenance or upgrade costs. That is why it is very cost effective and has the highest ROI.


EasyPMS is hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers that may be the most powerful and protected data centers in the world. It is backed up in more than 24 points in the world.


EasyPMS uses SSL for data transfer, secure tokens for authentication mechanisms, and several AI guard algorithms for malicious attacks. It is one of the best protected systems in the world.

Easy to Use

Since EasyPMS uses Google’s Material Design which has a very familiar interface, it is both user-friendly and easy to use.


It is completely responsive and fully functional on tablets and phones in addition to desktop systems.

Multi Property

EasyPMS has many special functions and reports for group hotels and chains. It provides shared consolidated reports for occupancy, income, ADR, and aggregation of financial statements. It also provides shared use of information about guests, agencies, and reservations.


EasyPMS is easily customizable for any size and type of hotel due to its flexible parameters.


Since it is hosted in cloud servers, CPU power and storage capacity can be easily expanded or decreased depending on your needs.


EasyPMS has a public API for communication with other systems, so integration to other external systems such as banks, door locks, and pay tv etc. can easily be done.

Enhanced Support

EasyPMS has 24×7 online support ; an expert will be with you looking at the same screen anytime you need.