What is EasySPA?

It is a web-based software developed for all institutions working on a membership basis such as spa centers, health centers, sport centers, clubs, and associations.
  • You can make your guest appointments quickly and control your income, expenses and your stocks in an efficient way.
  • All the operations in the spa can be run; for example, massage, skincare, exercise workout and etc. reservations can be made and the therapists, devices, and the rooms can also be reserved. These reservations can be seen on the daily, weekly, monthly agenda screens and can be planned accordingly. 
  • Reservations can also be taken online. A reminder can be sent to the guest by SMS or email a day before. Membership and package sales can be followed much more easily.
  • This way, the treatment rooms, exercise rooms, tennis courts, etc. as well as the employees can be managed in the most efficient way. The commissions of your employees are also calculated automatically.
  • The entry-exit information and the subscription fees of the members can also be followed.
  • The members progress and health status information are also recorded to provide them the best service.

Why EasySPA?

  • Mobile

    You can easily use it from anywhere and with any devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) with internet access and enjoy the freedom of technology. Since there is no initial purchase cost, you can start using the program right away. Since EasySPA does not require a server, you also save on the costs of server and server licenses.

  • Quick and Easy to Use

    Compared to desktop versions, opening the calendar screen, entering transactions, getting payments are about five times faster. It is easy-to-use and has attractive screen design. Since it is integrated with EasyPMS, it has connection with the hotel.

  • Time and Transaction Saving

    It allows you to make reservations and create memberships via phone and tablet. Especially for fitness memberships, properties can make one-to-one interviews with their customers before hand and they can have them fill in their member cards on the phone or tablet.

What Can You Do with EasySPA?

It is the card containing the information of the spa customers. It contains information such as ID, address, health, and visit history. When a customer visits the spa again, instead of creating a new guest card, old transactions of the guest can be tracked through the existing card.

You can make an appointment on the calendar with a drag and drop. Information such as employee and date can be altered easily later.

Packages defined in the system can be sold to the guests.

Treatments not included in the packages can also be sold in large quantities.

The calendar has two easily modifiable modes. In the employee mode, only reservations for employees can be made and in the space mode, reservations for the treatment rooms can be made.

Employee commission premiums can be calculated very easily. In the commission definitions section, percentage-based calculations can be made. When sales are made on the calendar, employee premiums are calculated through the commission analysis report.

In the fitness section, you can define membership packages for example, for three months or for one year. If there is hotel connection, during the payment processing transactions are shown automatically in the guest’s folio.

Exercise programs can be prepared for your fitness customers.

Through EasyPMS connection, you can see the list of hotel guests and send the transactions to the guests’ folios on the SPA manager. These transactions are sent immediately when payments are taken.

You can track the sales income and collections through reports.

Massages, fitness memberships and stock sales are kept separately in the system and this way the amount of income generated from different transactions can be reported easily.