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Reservation List

easypms hotel management software Reservation List
  • You can list, sort, group, and filter all of your reservations by any criteria with a single click.
  • By the help of color codes, important information becomes more visible.
  • All functions are accessible with a single click after selecting a single line or multiple lines.
  • All screens can be exported to Excel or to the printer in different formats.
  • In the listings multiple sorting, filtering, searching, grouping are standardized.
  • Thanks to its digital archiving capability, one or more documents can be stored in the related record by scanning or uploading.
  • Users can view only the allowed screens and run the allowed functions depending on their authority.

Reservation Card

easypms hotel management software Reservation card
  • All details about the reservation are in one place.
  • No more duplicate guest profiles. Auto guest lookup feature finds old profiles and puts them together.
  • There is access to room type availability for the current reservation period with a touch of a button.
  • It has the ability to block rooms with one click.
  • It has unlimited profile recording ability.
  • There is authority control for access to the pricing tab; all data related to pricing is in one place.