Booking Engine

Booking Engine

  • It has an easy and fast interface.
  • The view of booking page (content, colors, font, theme, back font etc.) can be customized according to the corporate identity of the hotel.
  • Multiple reservations for different dates and room types can be done at once.
  • It provides daily price and availability for each room along with the total price.
  • It shows net prices besides showing prices and discounts separately.
  • It lists all different price options for the same room such as refundable, nonrefundable, with or without breakfast.
  • During the reservation, customers can be monitored and contacted by online chat, they can click and talk, send call me forms.
  • When a reservation is made, it sends a notification by SMS and e-mail both to the guest and the hotel.
  • Different payment options such as cash, wire transfer, pay at hotel, credit card, and guarantee by credit card are provided.
  • Guests can use promotion codes or previously earned bonus points.
  • It is multilingual and multi currency. Daily currency rates are automatically updated.
  • It provides connection with your page on social media.
    It also provides address description through Google Map.
  • It is completely responsive therefore it can be used by any size and type of device.
  • Auto popup pages can be populated for campaigns or other promotions.
  • Extranet management is very practical and easy. You can check in 10 minutes and start selling in the name of your own area.
  • You can use the contracts and daily prices at the same time. By using the contracts, you can get a lot of features that you do not have in online reservation system. For example, different prices can be given for the reservation made on different dates. Discounts can be made for the different type of accommodations (7=6, 14=12, Honey Moon etc.)
  • You can define Stop Sell, MinLOS (Minimum Length of Stay), MaxLOS (Maximum Length of Stay), CTA(Close to Arrival) , CTD (Close to Departure) for each day on the daily screen.
  • You can define any kind of discount you would like. For example, 15% discounts for the reservation made 60 days before, 50% discount for the reservations made after 22.00.
  • You can create special promotion codes for your customers. These promotions can be both special to each customer and used generally by defining specific time or quantity. They can be distributed by SMS or e-mail.
  • You can define special price and payment methods for agencies and corporations.
  • By detecting the location from the buyer’s IP address, it provides different prices to different markets in the world.
  • You can receive reservations from social media using the online reservation page located in your Facebook page.
  • You can access Google Analytics of your page and get free support from our certificated experts.
  • It provides several widget design options to be added to your hotel website.

Central Reservation System (CRS)

You can make B2B and B2C sales with lower cost and with higher profit in your chain hotels and sell your hotels by packaging them with flight and transfer services taking online payments through your call centers and on your website.

More Sales with Lower Cost for B2C

  • Through selling your hotels on the same portal, you would create more sales opportunities and also have lower marketing costs.
  • When you don’t have vacancy in one of your hotels, you can be directed to other hotels and provide the most suitable room and price to your customers more easily.
  • You would get the chance to introduce and market your other hotels to your current customers.
easypms central reservation system for chain hotels

Easy and Efficient Cooperation with your Agencies (B2B)

You can:

  • sell your hotels online to over 800 thousand agencies in the world
  • accept online agency applications and take online reservations from your agencies using password entry
  • make the contracts and promote sales and promotions to your agencies in detail
  • sell your hotels without a contract using online prices with a commission rate
  • receive payments through check accounts, credit cards, and money orders
  • give vacancy and price information to your hotels and take online reservations using XML
easypms central reservation system for chain hotels Peninsula hotels

Easy and Fast Reservation on One Screen

The most important feature of EasyPMS is that it offers a very easy and fast reservation experience.

  • You get the convenience of seeing all room types and price options on one screen.
  • You reach daily prices and vacancy information on the same screen.
  • You can reach contact requests, reviews, road directions, weather forecast, and online support through reservation page.