15 reasons to use EasyPMS

The easy-to-use EasyPMS, is now on the Web and on top of that All in one package


No Initial Cost Since EasyPMS does not need a server, it saves the hotel from costs such as servers, operating system license, virus programs, backup and maintenance that need to be renewed every few years..


You can also sell your rooms in installments EasyPMS supports different payment methods such as On-site Payment + On-Site Deposit + Credit Card + Installment + Points.


Very Easy-to-Use EasyPMS provides an enjoyable user experience thanks to its easy to use interface.


Multi-Language and Currency Use EasyPMS offers the option to operate in many different languages ​​and currencies


Online Reservation and Channel Management Free of charge Connection to all known channels such as Booking, Expedia,, etc. are available. It also has a highly functional booking engine that allows you to book on your own website.


The Agency Uses Contract Prices in Online Sales In addition to the daily price in all sales channels, you will be able to sell with detailed contract prices.


Pos Program is also included! You can track checks and automatically transfer your guests' expenses in your restaurant to your room account


Easily Integrates with 3rd Party Software EasyPMS can easily integrate with web services such as door lock, telephone exchange, building heating and cooling systems, IP TV, Pay TV, Internet logging systems, ID reading solutions, and door access systems..


Virtual POS Integration Free of charge With the free virtual pos integration, you can take credit card payments from your website or send a secure payment link to the guest for later payment.


Automatic Instant ID Notification You can send your daily entry, exit and room changes to IIS automatically.


Available with All Mobile Devices You can use the entire program from your desktop or laptop, tablet and mobile phone. You can also make an application for your guests if you want.


E-Invoice, E-Archive and E-Ledger Integrations Ready EasyPMS is ready to integrate with special integrators such as eFinans, İzibiz, Foriba, ING, Innova which are widely used in the sector.


You Always Use the Latest Technology EasyPMS reflects all technical updates instantly to its users due to its structure. This eliminates the need for upgrades and always uses the most up-to-date technology.


Increase Your Profitability with Rate Manager With EasyPMS Rate Manager, you analyze the prices of your competitors in all sales channels and create the most accurate price to maximize your profitability and occupancy.


Your data is secured by Microsoft As EasyPMS is hosted on the most secure servers in the world, it provides high speed and security. Backups are made automatically. Data loss due to virus and power failure is eliminated. It hosts an effective logging solution against malicious users..